Useful Links

Links That helped us:

  • Balloons, a charity that provides post and pre bereavement support –
  • Maggie’s Centres – providing support for anyone affected by cancer. You can drop in anytime and there will be someone there who is willing to help and listen to you with whatever it is that you need. Maggie’s Centres also provide bereavement counselling for young people from toddlers upwards. I received support from Maggie’s while I was away at uni, there aren’t any in Devon yet, but still plenty across the UK! –

Links That Could Help You:

  • Marie Curie, provide care for people who need it. You need to go through a third party in order to secure it, ie. a GP –
  • Turn2Us – Type in your postcode to find grants available for you, in your area. Most of the time you need a third party to apply on your behalf. My transition worker helped me to secure funding for online courses via the Elmsgrant Trust –