A Griefcase is something you can carry around in your every day life for when grief hits you unexpectedly. Inside this griefcase you will find a collection of our more practical and useful grief management tips!

Bookmark Everything

Be mindful of those little moments that weave colour into your everyday. Scribble little notes, underline everything. Bookmark it all. In no time at all you’ll have a whole collection of moments that add so much colour and life to your life.

Learning To Sleep

If you get night terrors; you are not a freak. You are not a freak for feeling anxious, or because you have experienced trauma, or any other reason.

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One thought on “Griefcase

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    Dear Katie and Evee as well as Gary (bereavedandbeingasingleparent),

    Hello! I have replied to one of your comments at Gary’s blog. Since it is my first comment, it is awating moderation or approval, after which you will receive my comment.

    Your post entitled “Judging Yourself Through Your Grief” published at Gary’s blog as well as your page entitled “Our Story” have lead me here to make the very first comment on your page that is so aptly called the “Griefcase”. Indeed, your writings made me very emotional and teary. Reading them have caused me to feel the sadness in my heart and to miss my late mother, whose life has been commemorated and immortalized by the special multimedia eulogy-cum-memoir-cum-biography entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye”, which has since become a great deal longer and even more comprehensive, intimate and personal than it was. The said post also contains my musical compositions dedicated to my mother, and it is available at

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    How I miss my mother! I have had to contained my emotions and composed myself before I could type out my comment here, and so I took the opportunity to read others’ comments left on your post. Thank you for your very touching post. I also have had the same or similar thoughts that if my mum were still alive, it would be very difficult for me to keep her safe from the caronavirus without compromising her quality of life as well as our closeness.

    By the way, the spellchecker of my web browser insists that “caronavirus” should be spelt as “carnivorous”!

    I would like to wish you and your respective families a very HAPPY MAY in Yorkshire!

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