#18 Thursday Thoughts: What’s Your Favourite Song?

Link your favourite songs down below! Maybe your favourite song will be our new favourite song.

At the moment, my favourite song is Grace Kelly, by MIKA.

25 thoughts on “#18 Thursday Thoughts: What’s Your Favourite Song?

  1. 💜 ‘Victory of Love’ and Any Other Poetic Song by Alphaville EveryOne; also ‘East End Boys and West End Girls’ by The Pet Shop Boys plus Many Others, Too Many To Mention but, of course, I AM UnAble to Leave WithOut Mentioning Simply Red and ‘Red, Red Wine’


  2. If tomorrow never comes(boyzone), night changes(one direction), I need you now(lady antebellum),a thousand years (christina peri) , All I want (kodaline) to name just a few.

      1. The video (specially the 2nd version) of the song is just all love, I get goosebumps every time I see the dog and the guy reuniting❤️❤️

  3. I always loved Kiss and Say Goodbye by The Manhattans Sacrifice by Elton John comes to mind as does hi You Gotta Love Someone, but perhaps from more modern songs I’ll go with A Thousand Years by Christin Peri as suggested by Gibberish
    Huge Hugs

  4. Grace Kelly is a wonderful song. There are so many favourite songs, but some of my ongoing favourites are:

    Here Comes The Sun: https://youtu.be/KQetemT1sWc They have put together a great film clip for this and I like to play it on the guitar.

    Peace Train: https://youtu.be/HExjPn547Z0 I was lucky enough to see Cat Stevens live with my daughter about four years ago. It is another song I like to play on the guitar.

    Fairground: https://youtu.be/KiRyiVgWj6g Simply Red are just awesome. My daughter and I would dance to this when she was little.

    1. Oh gosh, Cat Stevens is one of my favourite artists. You are so lucky to have seen him live!! I love this comment, thank you for spending the time to share with us, Sean x

    2. “Peace Train” was playing on my record player (which tells you how long ago it was!) in my college dorm room as I lay in bed with a splitting migraine. In the middle of the song, in my delirium I had either a very short dream or a vision that lasted just a couple of seconds. It was a huge cemetery (Arlington?) with crosses as far as the eye could see, and on each one was a brightly colored balloon. I thought, “They’re having a party..” After that I always associated “Peace Train” with the thought of being swept up and carried away with the other Christ-followers to the celebration in our heavenly home. (Yes, I was a Jesus freak then …still am, I guess. 😉 )

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