Grief: Your Thoughts?

Hello everyone!

I would love to hear if you have more submissions for our As Told By You page.

As Told By You started from the essence of what created our blog. The desire to share. We want you to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with grief.

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4 thoughts on “Grief: Your Thoughts?

  1. I’d like to participate but I’m not yet intimate with grief. The next topic, definitely.

  2. vincenza63 – Writer e blogger per passione, 57 anni, vivo in provincia di Milano. Nella vita traduco testi tecnici e scrivo. Sono un'appassionata di musica, letteratura, amici, allegria, meditazione e riflessione.
    vincenza63 says:

    I’m thinking about it. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Joy – I am "The Thought Catcher" ...a coach/ therapist who helps you to re-set and manage your emotions. Examine your negative thinking habits, are they creating - stress -low moods - and difficult relationships? The subconscious mind is powerful! Be more intentional with your thoughts & actions the more awesome, bolder & happier life that unfolds.
    Joy says:

    Hi, my name is Joy and I am a therapist. Grief entered my life when my 23yr old son Riaz Jaye died June 7th 2018, followed by the death of my niece May 2020 and my big sister October 2020.

    I like to say Riaz ‘reclaimed’ his own life after an unbearable bout of bipolar.

    It’s been a journey of the family mourning, self-blame, regret, disbelief, tears, emptiness, heavy sadness … but also acceptance love, and celebration of the way my beautiful son lived his life to the full! Plus an abiding ;peace’ that he is no longer in pain and in a safe place.

    Finding groups of people or individuals to talk to about death and loss, about life and living, and all the stuff in between has been really hard. No one can truly understand what I feel, and I don’t expect them too. Death and loss are personal and unique …just like a finger print.

    A listening ear, an open heart and respecting my desire to express the inside pressure is all I need.

    I love my boy Riaz just as much as I always have! I am relieved about this. As I find that on some days when I remember he hasn’t been uppermost in my mind that I feel guilty.

    I am finding it easier to look at his baby pictures …and that’s a good sign. Thank you for reading to the end.

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