Quarantine Tips: Cry To Me

Crying is a natural response to the world. Yet, here we are insisting it takes place behind closed doors, and it is something we should be embarrassed about.

My mum used to say you feel so much better when you cry, and that is the truth!

The benefits of crying include:

  1. The release of endorphins
  2. Lowering of stress
  3. The releasing of toxins
  4. It is an emotional signal to other people we need more support
  5. Helps you to sleep better
  6. Its good for your skin
  7. Relieves certain types of headaches, ie. tension headaches
  8. Makes you realise you’ll be okay: the pain ebbs, and the endorphins fill your body.

Don’t shy away. Feel it all; even if you cry happy tears.

The world is scary, but you aren’t alone, and its a lot harder to walk alone, bottling up your emotions, rather than leaning on your friends, family, and your body’s natural instincts.

Cry, cry, cry!

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Evee x

33 thoughts on “Quarantine Tips: Cry To Me

  1. I did cry a lot on Monday, but strangely enough not since and even today no tears, even after booking my appointment to stick my tongue out at a complete stranger tomorrow. Not the usual wish, but thinking [Negative] is my hopes against any fears.

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      1. As a belly dancer, I found watching “happy dance” to Farha Kabira by Emad Sayyah on youtube a totally called for celebration of the joy of being clear (throat still sore or not).


  2. Crying is a great way to release pent up energy and feelings. I’ve never saw it as a sign of weakness. For me it’s a sign of strength, heart and love. Otherwise we could just not care about anything or anyone. Great post! 😊

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