Quarantine Tips: Down the Pub

What do you miss the most during this quarantine?

For me I miss eating at restaurants and chatting with friends over a pint of cider in a sunny beer garden and I miss the vibrant buzz of listening to people talking and laughing with their friends.

Evee was really excited that I got furloughed because now we are actually able to spend time together. To celebrate we decided to recreate a “pub lunch” with chicken pie, chips, mushy peas and a pint of cider, and we even had homemade brownie and ice cream for pudding! And, when i climbed up the hatch into the attic I was welcomed by the warm sound of a “busy bar night” available from youtube which we had a good laugh about too.

Next week we are going to try Fish and Chips!

Maybe you can try a pub lunch as well!

Hope you are all keeping sane. Love to you all x


20 thoughts on “Quarantine Tips: Down the Pub

  1. weedjee – Madrid, España , Spain – Persona con un monton de inquietudes amante de la musica, los libros y viajes y de las buenas conversaciones A man and lots of challengers , fan of goodie tunes, books and travels besides of braining gatherings ...!!! Mi CV Online
    weedjee says:

    Wow, bars as restaurant is missed for a long time in Spain besides social gathering, we’re human beings or no? Take care and safe

  2. clairei47 – My name is Claire. I am a mum, a wife and I work for the NHS. For as long as I can remember I have drank alcohol and my relationship with it has become increasingly complex over recent years. I’m 47 and I want to be physically and mentally healthy. I want to be present in my life and enjoy the journey, not drown it out with wine and hangovers. I have had anxiety and depression and I am still working hard to keep them at bay. I am hoping that not having alcohol will help me beat them. I have decided to detail how things progress via this blog. I know nothing about blogging but I think support from others is essential. Maybe one day I can help someone with my story. I started my sober journey on 17th November 2019; long may it continue.
    clairei47 says:

    Lovely photo!

  3. Sheila Murrey – Florida – I'm the author of the book, "Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life”, as well as two blogs. I write about holistic health and wellness, and spiritual topics. My intention is to share what I have learned and integrated into my daily life to help uplift and lighten others. Everyone can live a balanced, soul-aligned, and wholly vibrant life! I am a holistic health and well-being event emcee, and Soul-aligned wedding officiant (notary public), in the beautiful sunny state of Florida. I am a vibrant spiritual being living a Soul-connected earthly experience. My mantras: Align with Spirit in ALL ways. Go with your "God bumps" flow to FEEL your Soul-alignment ALL the time. Study at your Passion. Gather knowledge. Pray. Meditate. Then, Take It Upon Yourself to walk your talk, practice what you preach, and integrate all you learn into your day-to-day, so you joyfully express Omni-everything! We Are All Connected. Life's an ADVENTURE! Now, go have FUN! Disclaimer: My full-time profession is in relational database systems and software. I am creative and technical, currently working full-time as a senior applications systems analyst. I am NOT a doctor or health practitioner, though I work with natural and holistic health professionals as a writer and emcee at health festivals and events. I encourage folks to seek multiple opinions for any health dis-eases. I support you in your quest to find holistic, licensed, professional health and wellness providers. I am mostly a plant-based eater, more tree hugger than consumer, advocate of simple living, full-time RVer, and grandmother of three fantastic granddaughters (who live far from me, but with whom I video conference weekly and visit at least once a year for a month or more). OM
    Sheila Murrey says:

    We remade our favorite pub “bar” too, since moving to the country and an off-grid life (ironically, days before the lockdown).

  4. vincenza63 – Writer e blogger per passione, 57 anni, vivo in provincia di Milano. Nella vita traduco testi tecnici e scrivo. Sono un'appassionata di musica, letteratura, amici, allegria, meditazione e riflessione.
    vincenza63 says:

    hI kATIE 🙂
    i MISS going to the cinema and goingh out with my friends a lot!

    1. Hi Vicky! I’ve been thinking a lot about the cinema too. Thankfully I have been able to meet up with a friend to go for a walk (social distancing of course) 🙂

      1. vincenza63 – Writer e blogger per passione, 57 anni, vivo in provincia di Milano. Nella vita traduco testi tecnici e scrivo. Sono un'appassionata di musica, letteratura, amici, allegria, meditazione e riflessione.
        vincenza63 says:

  5. Amelia F. Adjepon-Yamoah – I live in Ghana but sometimes travel to other countries. – I turned 76 years this year (2019).I am married with children and I am also a grandmother. I retired as a librarian in 2004. I am a Christian who loves her church and Bible class members. My older siblings are a very important part of my life. I also love relating to young people who love my company so we share ideas and learn from our experiences. I keep in touch with friends and school mates I have known for over 50 years. I believe everyone who wants to get married must prepare for that life by learning what that relationship entails. And after marriage to do their best to keep their marriage together, enjoyable and inspiring to others.
    Amelia F. Adjepon-Yamoah says:

    Highly creative, you two!

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