One Month Left at Home

Just two girls trying to pack up their home, waiting for their lives to start… But doing it with a smile every step of the way!

Taken on the iPhone 7+
Taken on the iPhone 7+
Heave Ho!
Taken on the iPhone 7+
Taken on the iPhone 7+

9 thoughts on “One Month Left at Home

  1. Moving is always a difficult time, at least you can do it with a good attitude!

  2. Well done. Congratulations. It’s always a big achievement packing up house.
    Gorgeous photos btw!

  3. Don’t forget to pack all the great memories too! You can leave the ones you don’t need behind you. 😉

    Good luck with your new ‘place’ 🙂

      1. Right attitude is what gets us through! 🙂

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